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  • blytheslaughter ( 34 / W / Fenton, MO )

    It would be awesome to have a day of going to a cemetery with camera, blanket, some food, books to read fun or something to just talk about. I really love the peace that the dead brings me.

  • TillDawnComes ( 28 / W / Cartersville, VA )

    I prefer getting to know someone casually. You have no obligation to pay for me, I'll pay for myself. I like learning about other people, but it's rather awkward to me to go to some big fancy place on the first meet. Exp...  read more >>

  • HelsBells ( 37 / W / Canberra, Australian Capital Territory )

    I'd like to do a lunch date for a first meeting... as a full-time professional musician and mum, i work odd hours, so my nights off are super-precious... so its nice to meet in person with a prospective date and be able...  read more >>

  • 1mh0rny ( 24 / M / Roxbury Crossing, MA )


  • Skinner2003 ( 26 / M / Roanoke, VA )

    Yes, a restaurant. It's not romantic, but in my own opinion the first date should be the one where we get to know each other better in person, if we connect romance would be a date or two after that. We can talk about ou...  read more >>

  • Zyndj1 ( 35 / M / Hoboken, GA )

    Whatever the Gothic princess wants to do. It is her night.

  • HisAssholiness ( 53 / M / Camarillo, CA )

    Eww , nice walk on the beach example ... and i want to give the whole world a puppy Laughter wouldn't suck , so chill , stare a bit , yap *snicker* bark bark woof woof *gufaw* yeah blah blah etc etc *giggle snort* i just...  read more >>

  • Judas_Christ ( 31 / M / Monroe, LA )

    It's public, it's safe, and we can talk freely because I know the folks at the one I generally frequent don't generally cause any trouble or get nosy.

  • Belbalor ( 32 / W / Boise, ID )

    A first date should be somewhat informal, and comfortable. Quiet enough to talk but not so much that it feels necessary to whisper. Food is good, but drinks are okay too... 😉

  • timbot4 ( 44 / M / United Kingdom )

    A good old blat on the bike to somewhere a little chilled out ,then maybe a live music venue playing rock

  • LunaBloodrose ( 25 / W / Sturgis, MI )

    Have a nice meal while getting to know each other. Maybe go for a walk around a park

  • CorazondeAngel ( 50 / W / Loma Linda, CA )

    maybe our first date would be nice meeting for lunch , on a Saturday , love white roses.

  • SisterDeath666 ( 38 / W / Haywards Heath, England - Sussex )

    How about we meet for lunch at my local pub, for example. We can chat and get to know one another over a lunch and perhaps a drink and see what may come from there.

  • thequiksilver101 ( 21 / M / Ceres, CA )

    Pizza or a picnic in a nice park c:

  • boytoyjosh ( 20 / M / Monroe, MI )

    it would be mc donalds because i go there most often its an easier place i will express and talk about myself what all i do and what i do for a living and ask him the same questions as him if he into marrige adopting kid...  read more >>

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